Gene M. Angelo, Jr.

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Personal Profile

Then one day, the irate tortoise answered back: 'Who do you think you are? There's no denying you’re swift, but even you can be beaten!' The hare squealed with laughter." The Tortoise and the Hare You you don't have to be the best of the best in order to be great at what you do; passion and sheer determination oft trumps intellectual prowess - booyah!

Welcome to my personal profile.

Here you will find categorized, "bite-sized" topics of interest, helpful in determining my candidacy. Enjoy!


Articulate, personable, cutting-edge, professional, Senior Web/Full Stack Application Developer/Mid-Level Architect, specializing Microsoft .NET Technology."

Professional experience includes Full Stack, ASP.NET/C#/Razor-based web application design/coding, architectural design, heavy object-oriented coding, UI design (Web/WinForms), WCF, AJAX, jQuery, jQuery UI, SQL Server 2012/2008, TFS, TDD, Agile.

Primary Goal

To secure a challenging, HANDS-ON, cutting-edge position, with an outstanding client, as a Senior Web/Full Stack Application Developer/Mid-Level Architect, that utilizes my Microsoft .NET skills and technical know-how to the full.


Full Stack, Microsoft C#.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Razor, Entity Framework, AJAX, jQuery, jQuery UI, WinForms, heavy object-oriented design/programming, API design/development, every-tier application design/development, multi-thread functionality/pooling/control/synchronization, debugging, Microsoft SQL Server/database design/stored procedures/triggers, TFS, TDD, Agile, etc.

Technological Preference

Generally speaking, developers enjoy working with the "latest and greatest" technology. Consultants, like myself, need to remain marketable, in order to stay relevant; it behooves me, therefore, to always camp on the bleeding edge of the technological landscape. Should you have a position that utilizes most of the "technological goodies" listed below, I'd love to entertain the prospect!


COOL! Positions utilizing these technologies/methodologies make me happy!

agile ajax mvc 4+ c# css ddd dependency-injection design patterns entity framework git ioc jquery jquery ui moq ood oop orm rbenv rspec ruby ruby on rails rubymine sass tdd tfs vs2012+ wcf xml web services


Positions utilizing these technologies/methodologies could be cool.

< vs2012 < mvc 4 non-agile


NO WAY JOSE! Positions utilizing any of these technologies/methodologies is boring, and destroys my marketability! webforms classic-asp coldfusion dreamweaver flash legacy silverlight vbscript wpf

Positional Preference

A hands-on, Senior Web/Full Stack Application Developer/Mid-Level Architect position that utilizes my Microsoft .NET skills and technical know-how to the full, would be ideal; primary job responsibilities would include, but not be limited to:
  • Visual Studio 2012+.
  • Cutting edge, hands-on, ASP.NET MVC 4+/C# application development.
  • hands-on, design/coding/implementation of domain-driven, architecturally savvy web applications and intranets.
  • ORM with Microsoft SQL Server-centric data model.
  • hands-on, WCF/XML Web Service development.
  • Rich UI design and coding (jQuery, css, Ajax, etc.).
  • DRY principals.
  • Heavy OOP.
  • Serious TDD implementation.
  • Execution of hard-core agile development methodologies.
  • TFS source control.
  • Did I mention, hands-on??? :)


COOL! This make me happy!

hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on hands-on

Contractual Preference

When it comes to employment, I've started my career as a bit of a Hobbit, preferring more permanent fare, thank you very much! As providence would have it however, I've entered into consulting agreements on more recent ventures, and enjoy these quite a bit. While permanent positions are very much appreciated (and will be considered), long-term consulting contracts are my "cup of tea!"


COOL! This makes me happy!

consulting corp-2-corp long-term-contract


These could be cool, but I usually lose a lot of tax write-offs.

contract-2-hire medium-term-contract


NO WAY JOSE! I lose too much in tax write-offs; too risky.

short-term-contract w2

Industry Preference

"Varied and extensive" would best describe my background.

Industries in which I've labored include the United States Department of Defense, Banking and Finance, Financial Investment, Cash Office, Check Processing, Purchase Order, Health Care, Industrial Manufacturing, Executive-level/High-Profile Talent Search, Education and Gaming.

In short, I have no strong industry preference, I love what I do!

Environmental Preference

Most developers don't like sweatshops; neither do I. As a consultant, I've experienced a wide range of shops and environments; from slow, structured, corporate waterfall shops; to grueling, fast-paced, agile shops, and a few that fall somewhere in between. I prefer medium to small shops that adhere to Agile methodologies; managers who don't micromanage, and fellow team members whose passion for what we do is through the roof.


COOL! These environmental characteristics make me happy!

agile hands off management


MEH. These environmental characteristics could be cool.

hands on management non-agile



micro-management sweatshops

Technical Training Philosophy

My philosophy regarding training, is that it never ends. I regularly attend schools and courses in an ongoing effort to better myself, satisfy my passion for what I do, and to remain cutting-edge and relevant - all at my own expense. Frequent, short, intense, iterative training that can be put to immediate, practical use in the workplace, is of great worth to me. This is what I do. Consequently, I proudly broadcast the fact that I am NOT Microsoft Certified. Microsoft Certifications are costly and time consuming; they become irrelevant too quickly given the volatile technological landscape; and have become marginalized and viewed with suspicion as a result of the myriad of crash-certification courses available on the internet. After spending hundreds of dollars, and countless hours pursuing several Microsoft Certifications, I've decided to count my losses after seeing their relevancy vanish before it was even plausible to complete them. All this to say, that if you're looking for a "Microsoft Certified guy", you're probably barking up the wrong tree, unless of course you're willing to cough up the money and pay my way :)

That being said, in August 2011, I received my certificate for completing the Microsoft 10264 Developing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 course through the ONLC Training Center, located in Morristown, NJ. I am a graduate of the Microsoft C#.NET Master's Program administered through SetFocus located in Parsippany, NJ.

The CHUBB Institute of Technology located in Parsippany, NJ, is where I received the bulk of my computer training, however. I am a graduate of several of their fine computer programming tracks: Web Design, ASP/VBScript, C++ and COBOL. I have also attended, and received certificates from several other fine technical schools such as The Learning Tree for Java and the Sybase Training Division for Distributed Application Programming using PowerBuilder.